HORST GLÄSKER Homo Ludens’ new color worlds
Kunsthalle Dresden
17.8. until 21.11.2018

Welcome to the game of new color worlds, welcome to light painting. From 17 August to 21 November 2018, the Kunsthalle Dresden will be showing around 30 works by the Düsseldorf artist Horst Gläsker. The exhibition provides insights into the diversity of his abstract painting. It shows the development of the former Gerhard Richter pupil and master student of K.O. Götz from the 1990s to today: large-format color-strip works, abstract-ornamental back glass, light drawings, Tondi, which concentrates the effect of color in a circular image, to digitally worked brush variations.
Opening on Friday, August 17, 2018, 7pm. Admission free, the artist is present.

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